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  • Leadership | Meggitt Baltimore

    Meet Our Leadership Team Andy Humen President ​ Mike Stasiowski Director of Advanced Technology, FSO Ron Bruchey ​ Director of Operations Meet Our Leadership Team EXPERTISE Andy Humen President ​ Mike Stasiowski Director of Advanced Technology Ron Bruchey Director of Operations​ Chris Keller Director of Finance ​ Kelly Naber Director of Human Resources ​ Eric Rennie Director of Programs & Engineering ​

  • Painting | Meggitt Baltimore

    Services > Painting Meggitt has two paint booths used for HVLP spray gun paint application. Our capabilities and experience include all standard military coating systems including: ​ MIL-PRF-85285 polyurethane coatings AMS-C-83445 polyurethane coatings AMS-C-83231 polyurethane coatings MIL-DTL-64159 CARC polyurethane coatings AMS-3138 fluoroelastomer coatings MIL-PRF-24635 weather resistant siloxane coatings Boeing coatings systems (BMS 10-21, BMS 10-103, BMS 10-60) Rain erosion coatings Anti-static coatings Conductive coatings ​ Our team has the knowledge and experience to help select the optimum coating solution for any application and maximize performance.

  • Antenna/Radome Testing | Meggitt Baltimore

    For all our radome and antenna products, there are unique electrical test requirements specific to each. As a result, Meggitt develops test procedures accordingly. In some cases, specialized test fixtures and jigs are designed and fabricated in-house. Testing smaller radomes and antennas Testing is conducted in one of Meggitt’s far-field indoor ranges. Each of the four ranges are configured slightly differently to accommodate unique test requirements. One of the ranges has specialized switching that enhances measurement accuracy and minimizes test time for a complex phased array radome and has become recognized as the standard benchmark for the particular product being manufactured and tested. ​ ​ ​ Services > Radome & Antenna Testing ​ Large compact range ​ For certain types of radomes, the compact range enhances our measurement accuracy and provides unparalleled correlation between the measurement results at Meggitt and the installed system performance. Qualities: Quiet zone of 8’ x 8’ x 5.3’ (L x W x H) and is capable of measuring from 2 to 50 GHz RF equipment is based on commercially available network analyzers Configured with a model tower (either fiberglass or steel depending on the unit under test weight requirements) mounted on a linear slide on an azimuth over elevation over slide positioning system System antenna ensures the radome is illuminated as it will be when mounted on the aircraft. In some cases, Meggitt will also fabricate and use a representation of the surrounding aircraft structure to accurately simulate the as-installed aircraft environment Capable of measuring radar cross section of radomes and antennas. In this case, a pylon or foam column is used to support the test body and unit under test ​ ​ View/download our Test Services Brochure here: ​ ​

  • SERVICES | Meggitt Baltimore

    Meggitt Baltimore has the team, facilities, and decades of experience to service needs of the defense, aerospace, and military communications market. EXPERTISE Our Services Antenna/Radome Testing Radome Repair Painting Materials Properties Testing Explore our services:

  • Antennas | Meggitt Baltimore

    Products > Antennas Meggitt’s technical team is fully staffed with electrical, composite and process engineers skilled in all aspects of antenna design and production. Technical activities are led by seasoned and experienced engineers with significant relevant experience ​ Most of the engineers have postgraduate degrees with some having achieved PhD’s. Meggitt antenna engineers are skilled at analysis, design, and production support. ​ ​ They are equipped with the latest and most powerful equipment and computer-aided engineering and design software packages, including Ansys high frequency structural simulator (HFSS), SBR+, PMM, PCAAD, and a number of proprietary Meggitt computer programs. ​ ​ Meggitt engineers follow products through the entire design and production process, working with our manufacturing team to ensure excellent product quality and realization of maximum performance. ​ In addition to our in-house design expertise, Meggitt also teams with various experts in specific fields in order to field different antenna technologies to customers design problems. This expertise allows Meggitt to provide antenna types such as magnetic flux channel antennas that provide unique solutions to our customers. ​ Antenna Design Expertise ​ High power horn antennas for EW applications Aircraft blade antennas for CNI applications Low Observable Antennas Conformal data link and SATCOM antennas

  • Overview | Meggitt Baltimore

    Meggitt (Baltimore) Inc. (Meggitt) has over fifty years of experience designing and producing radomes and antennas for defense and aerospace applications. The operation has existed since 1965 as various entities, including Nurad, Cobham, and most recently Meggitt. Meggitt has an extensive and successful track record providing high performance antennas and radomes to most major airframe and systems OEMs, with specific and deep experience in Radar, Electronic Warfare, and Communication, Navigation and Identification (CNI) applications. Meggitt is located in Baltimore, MD in a modern 75,000 square foot facility that houses a fully vertically integrated operation including design, engineering, test and production staff and equipment. Capabilities include: electrical and mechanical Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) resources and test equipment and trained staff ovens, autoclaves and Gerber cutters for composite processing a full service machine shop and paint and specialty coatings shop FARO arm equipment for accurate inspections Certifications include Certifications ISO 9001 and AS9100D ​ About Meggitt Baltimore

  • Meggitt Baltimore | Radomes | United States

    Welcome to Meggitt Baltimore Experts in Electronic Warfare and SIGINT Radomes Composite Radomes and Antenna Experience designing Meggitt has over fifty years of experience and building radomes. ​ We specialize in design, development, and production of antennas and radomes for use in Electronic Warfare (EW), Communication, Navigation, and Identification (CNI) Applications. ​ ​ We specialize in the following: ​ ​ Composite RF Structures (Radomes) Frequency Selective Surfaces (FSS) Antenna/Radome Subsystems Advanced Composite Structures Conformal Antennas ​ ​

  • Information | Meggitt Baltimore

    Contact Us Call 410-542-1700 Email Or Fill Out a Contact Form Thank you! Someone will reach out to you shortly. Submit

  • Radome Repair | Meggitt Baltimore

    Services > Radome Repair Meggitt’s capabilities to design and manufacture radomes provide all of the tools and practices needed to evaluate and repair radomes. Repairs can be done on either Meggitt or non-Meggitt radomes. The typical process for a radome repair Consists of close examination of the radome. On occasion, this requires stripping of the paint in order to more closely examine the outer surface layers. Once the extent of damage is fully understood, Meggitt works with the customer to determine the optimal repair methodology. Upon receipt of approval to proceed, Meggitt repairs the radome per the proposal. If needed, fabrication of tooling will be done in order to properly finish the outer surface . Once the composite repair is completed, Meggitt has the capability of painting the radome, applying lightning diverters, and electrically testing it in either the compact range or one of the far-field ranges.

  • Materials Properties Testing | Meggitt Baltimore

    Services > Materials Properties Testing Services > Materials Properties Testing Meggitt has the in house capability to test to the following ASTM standards: ​ ASTM C-297 (Flatwise Tension) ASTM C-393 & D-7249 (Sandwich Flexure 3 & 4 point bend) ASTM D-6641 (Compression) ASTM D-2344 (Interlaminar Shear) ASTM D-3039 (Untabbed Tension Strength) ASTM D-5766 (Open-Hole Tension) ASTM D-5961 (Bearing Strength Method A and C) ASTM D-6484 (Open-Hole Compression with Gauge) ASTM D-7078 (In-Plane Shear Strength) ASTM C-364 (Edgewise Compressive Strength) ASTM D-7332 (Fastener Pull-Through Resistance Compressive and Tensile) ASTM D-7264 (Flexural Properties of Polymer Matrix Composite Materials) ASTM D-695 (Compressive Properties) ASTM D-1781 (Climbing Drum Peel) ASTM D-790 (Flexure)


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